About Our App to Block Robocalls

Who Created Stealth Mode?

Boris’s Story

My name is Boris the Chameleon. I am the creator of the ‘Stealth Mode.’ What is Stealth Mode you ask? It’s a security app dedicated to maintaining and customizing your privacy from the world. That means you can go undetected with your double life and still protect your loved ones from the evil spies of the world.

I came to the United States from my country of Transylvania. As an agent in the National Security Solutions division, also known as the NSS, I was hired to infiltrate the advanced-robotics industries as a high tech salesman. I perused through the agency unnoticed and undetected. And when the office celebrated my fake birthday, I knew they had accepted me as one of their own. Soon I developed Stealth Mode to cover mine and my agent’s identities.


Stealth_StellaThen, I met Stella, my one true love! She was stunningly beautiful with her big lips and quirky bow. I knew I had finally found the one, but I needed to protect her from my double-life, which inspired me to add another layer to the app for camouflaging individual identifications. Stealth Mode helped protect her from my secret life.

Three Primary Features

The security app has three primary features to help keep your information disguised and personal.
Note: You must set up a password to use features.

White List

White list will preserve all contacts you want to remain unaffected. Meaning they will not be blacklisted or camouflaged with a fake name.

Black List

Black list takes care of those unwanted conversations by sending the call straight to voice mail.

Camo List

Camo List is all about Stealth. Select a contact and create a fake name.

Main Page

The main page will let you quickly see your list of contacts, switch between real and fake names, and see if they are black or white listed

Settings Page

Visit the settings page in the security app to create a Pin number, ask for help, and to revisit the Tutorial.

Free Version

5 Camouflaged ID’s
5 Contacts can be Black Lists

99¢ Version

Unlimited Camouflaged ID’s
Unlimited Black List Functionality
Unknown callers can be sent to voice mail

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